Solar4us Ltd in Croydon refuses to return deposit back after order cancellation within allowed time

Croydon, England 1 comment
Not resolved

I invited various suppliers to visit our property and provide quotation for a solar panel system. Siva from Solar4us was one of them. We placed the order in Oct 2011 at our premises.

Within a few days of placing the order and paying the deposit of £500, another supplier under-quoted the same system by £850 and since I was within 14 days of the paying of the deposit, as per contract, it allowed us to cancel the order and have our deposit refunded back. So I cancelled.

Siva has since refused the refund. I sent a final written letter to him with bank details requesting repayment of the deposit and mentioned that I will be seeking legal action without further notice which I have yet to do..

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I definitely think legal action is the right way to go here-a friend of mine had it much worse though...he had to get a second company to fix the firsts mistakes (Thumbs up to sun source energy they help a lot)

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